Investors trust independent
advisors with $5 trillion
of their money.

That’s a huge amount of trust.

What is an independent financial advisor?

Independent Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) are professional independent advisory firms that provide personalized financial advice to their clients, many of whom have complex financial needs. Because these advisors are independent, they are not tied to any particular family of funds or investment products. As fiduciaries, they are held to the highest standard of care – and are required to act in the best interests of their clients at all times. They are registered with either the Securities and Exchange Commission or state securities regulators1.

Why does Charles Schwab proudly support more independent financial advisors and their clients than anyone else?
Charles Schwab is proud to be the largest supporter of one of the fastest-growing segments in financial services - independent financial advisors who are entrusted with $5 trillion of their clients’ wealth.

Every investor should
ask questions.

Whether triggered by a life event or evolving goals, many people reach a point where they need more from their financial advisor. You may be asking yourself one of these questions:

  • Is my money in the right place?
  • Am I getting the attention I deserve?
  • Is my advisor always objective when making recommendations?
  • What am I really being charged and is it eating into my returns?

It can be a challenge to find an advisor that’s right for you. But there are tangible clues that can help you evaluate how responsive and accountable an advisor may be.

Questions to ask yourself and your advisor
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Why does it matter if your advisor is independent?

Many independent advisory firms are owned by the individual advisors who run them, so they forge deep, personal relationships and have a strong sense of accountability to their clients.

Key Benefits:

  1. Customized guidance based on your entire financial picture.
  2. A relationship that’s responsive, attentive, and personal.
  3. A fee structure that is simple and transparent.
  4. A high level of expertise to support your complex financial needs.
  5. Your money is held by an independent custodian, not the advisor firm.
Learn more about the key benefits

Find a local
independent advisor.

Once you have finished identifying your investment goals and preferences, and are ready to interview advisors, search for independent advisors in your area by using our directory and entering a five-digit ZIP Code.

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